Our staff of 260 strives to improve the health of South Los Angeles residents by promoting healthy choices at our 11 WIC offices and through our Healthy Families America and immunization activities.

It Takes a Village Our team includes outreach staff, information and referral staff, custodians and warehouse staff, administrative assistants and typist clerks, and MIS and IT staff.

Of the Community Many of our staff are residents of the surrounding communities and are especially attuned to the circumstances of our participants. The community benefits further when our staff members share their knowledge with family, friends and neighbors.

Paraprofessionals Each WIC center is staffed with a team of clerks, nutrition educators and breastfeeding peer counselors who guide women to make healthy choices regarding nutrition, pregnancy, breastfeeding, immunization and parenting.

Professionals Our professional staff is composed of dietitians and nutritionists, health and lactation educators, WIC center managers, public health research and evaluation specialists and administrators.

Continuous Training We place a high priority on training and continuous improvement of our services.

Upward Mobility We encourage our staff members to continue their education. Some with a high school diploma have become lactation consultants. Others have graduated with bachelor’s or master’s degrees, often in public health. Many of these have become lactation consultants, degreed nutritionists or registered dietitians.

We also encourage our staff’s professional growth. Former WIC center clerks have evolved into WIC center supervisors. Former WIC center supervisors are now in charge of programs and departments.

Experience It’s common for staff members to remain with South LA Health Projects for 15 years, 20 years and even longer. This has resulted in valuable institutional memory, long-term working relationships and greater opportunity for refining our complex programs. Read biographies of our senior staff here>>