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Chief, Community Health Services

Diane Gaspard holds the esteemed position of Community Health Services Chief at SLAHP. With a background as a Registered Dietitian and an extensive track record spanning over 25 years, she brings invaluable expertise to her role. Her career has been marked by dedicated service within agency programs, notably including Black Infant Health, Immunize LA Families, and Best Babies Collaborative, among others.

Presently, Diane oversees the management of the Healthy Families America (HFA) Home Visitation program, demonstrating her commitment to fostering healthy family dynamics and community well-being. She actively engages in strengthening partnerships for SLAHP, utilizing platforms such as the HFA Community Advisory Board and various community coalitions. Through her leadership, Diane continues to drive impactful initiatives that positively impact the health and welfare of individuals and families within South Los Angeles.