Welcome to WIC! You want to be healthy and raise a healthy family. But this may be difficult. WIC is here to help! We are WIC: Women, Infants and Children.

What can you receive by joining WIC?
• one-on-one counseling sessions over the phone or virtually about nutrition, breastfeeding and health
• answers to your questions while you are pregnant and as your child grows
• breastfeeding support by phone
• online education
• a chance to speak with a WIC nutritionist if you have a health problem or concerns about your child’s development
• referrals to healthcare programs and other community resources
• a CA WIC Card for buying healthy foods

Do you think you may be eligible for WIC? You can join WIC if you:
• are pregnant
• are breastfeeding a baby who’s less than 1 year old
• just had a baby in the last 6 months
• have children under 5 years of age
• miscarried recently
and meet income guidelines

Who else can join? Single dads, foster parents, grandparents, stepparents, adoptive parents, and guardians with children under age 5 can join WIC too!

Your income Your family needs to meet our WIC income requirements to join. Read about WIC income guidelines here. Or call (310) 661-3080 to ask about income requirements and eligibility.

Even if you have a job You might qualify for WIC even if you have a job.

Even if you have private medical insurance You can have private medical insurance and still be eligible for WIC.

WIC center locations Click here to find our WIC centers>>

Questions Do you have questions? Call (310) 661-3080.