A newborn can surprise and challenge even the best-informed mother. With an array of services, we help a mother through this joyous yet often trying period of parenthood.

A Mother-Centered Approach Mothers’ questions often reveal their deep concern for the new baby: Is he nursing Keshara-Shaw, baby-w 150enough? Is she nursing too often? Why is he crying? How can I comfort her? Will I ever get a full night’s sleep again?

Our WIC nutrition educators and breastfeeding peer counselors listen carefully to mothers to provide them the information they need to feel confident and work through any breastfeeding challenges they may be experiencing. The newborn period is already challenging enough!

Support in Many Forms New mothers can tap into our support services in many ways.

First Visit Postpartum When a mother enrolls her newborn at the first visit after the baby’s birth, the mother’s breastfeeding experience and needs are the focal point of a conversation with her WIC educator.

Breastfeeding Peer Counselors Upon a mother’s request or at the suggestion of the WIC educator, a mother may speak at length, as needed, with one of our breastfeeding peer counselors.

These counselors are mothers themselves, with extensive personal breastfeeding experience and training, a love of breastfeeding and a passion to help other mothers. They are available to mothers during and in between their scheduled WIC visits, both at the WIC sites and through our Breastfeeding Telephone Helpline. Read more about our Breastfeeding Peer Counselors here>>

Loving Support Peer Counselor Program We offer select WIC participants a “personal” Loving Support Peer Counselor who reaches out early in pregnancy, providing extensive telephone support as often as needed throughout pregnancy and during the first six months after delivery. Read more about our Loving Support Peer Counselor Program here>>

Breastfeeding Telephone Helpline Telephone support is available to any woman who is considering breastfeeding or is already breastfeeding and needs extra information and support. Read more about our Telephone Helpline here>>

Drop-In Breastfeeding Support Groups Support groups are offered weekly in both English and Spanish at each of our WIC offices. Expectant mothers are invited to join in with breastfeeding mothers during any session. No appointment is necessary.

In line with our “mothers helping mothers” philosophy, groups are facilitated by breastfeeding peer counselors who guide discussion and provide information relevant to the needs of the group.

See this schedule of our current Mama’s Milk Family Groups>>

Drop-In Visits Mothers are encouraged to drop in at their WIC office when they need some extra in-person support between scheduled appointments.

Breast Pumps Mothers who are separated from their babies need not miss out on breastfeeding. When the separation is due to medical need, mothers’ milk is like medicine for their babies, and hospital-grade electric breast pumps are made available to them. Full-time working and student mothers are eligible to receive a personal electric breast pump to keep. Read more about our breast pump program here>>