Dear Medical Provider:

We greatly value the healthcare you provide low-income women, infants and children. You are a critical partner in improving the health status of our WIC participants.

Please continue referring your patients to the WIC program.

Some of your patients may be eligible for WIC services but not participating. If not, they are missing out on checks for nutritious food as well as valuable WIC health services.

Please ask all pregnant women and mothers if they, their infants or their children under five years of age are WIC participants. Also ask fathers, grandparents, foster parents and other guardians if their infants and young children are WIC participants.

We are able to provide our WIC program services to all your eligible patients.

Please refer your patients regardless of income. WIC staff will determine their eligibility. Employed families as well as unemployed families may qualify for WIC benefits.

When you refer your patients to WIC, please make sure to include their clinical, biochemical and anthropometric data, when available, on the WIC referral forms.

People can find out about eligibility by calling
(310) 661-3080. Patients and others who are able to access this website can also find valuable information here.

WIC provides free services to

• women who are pregnant or have recently given birth
• women breastfeeding an infant under one year of age
• infants
• children up to the age of five
• all foster children from birth to age five

Those eligible for WIC services can receive

• free nutritious foods
• nutrition counseling and education
• breastfeeding counseling, education and support
• parenting education
• immunization assessment, education and referral
• referrals to community services

Our community health outreach workers periodically visit doctors’ offices to provide WIC presentations and materials and to be helpful in other ways.

Click on the following links to learn about

the foods available with WIC food checks
our breastfeeding policy
our nutrition services that address medical conditions
our early childhood development screening and support
therapeutic formula at WIC
immunization education at our WIC centers

Click on the following links to access

a letter from our dietitians
answers to frequently asked questions
WIC referral forms and a form for therapeutic formula
a letter about WIC for you to hand your patients
contact information for our professional staff
a compilation of community and healthcare resources

Thank you for referring your patients to the WIC Program. We look forward to working with you and your staff.

Please contact us with any questions or requests.


Maria Padilla
Chief, WIC Outreach and Provider Relations
(323)757-7244 ext. 5963