Healthy babies are born of healthy parents, and the health needs of South LA residents are great and varied.

Our Participants The low-income residents we serve, including infants and children, commonly face the consequences of poverty: stress, poor diet, poor living conditions, inadequate transportation and lack of access to healthcare services. Some participants haven’t completed high school. Others may lack information about community resources or don’t speak English. Some cannot depend on the valuable emotional support of family or friends.

Our major efforts With support from a variety of funding sources, we focus the majority of our attention on:

WIC (Women, Infants and Children)
Choose Health LA Kids
Healthy Families America

South LA Wellness Network Our agency provided the impetus for this collaborative, which facilitates networking opportunities among organizations addressing childhood obesity. Read more here>>

Immunize LA Families Coalition South LA Health Projects was originally the lead agency, until CDC funding was no longer available. The Coalition continues to promote immunization. Some South LA Health Projects staff participate. Read more here>>

Men At South LA Health Projects we recognize the importance of men in the lives of children, and support them as well as women.

Although the official participants of WIC are women, infants and young children, men often play vital roles in WIC families. Many are involved in caring for their children, making decisions for their families and supporting the mothers of their children, financially and emotionally. At times uncles, brothers, grandfathers or male guardians are significantly involved in children’s lives and are invited to take advantage of WIC counseling and other WIC benefits. Read more here>>

The focus of Healthy Families America is primarily on mothers, infants and children. However since fathers often are an important part of the family, they are commonly involved in our Healthy Families America program. Read more here>>

Choose Health LA Kids is a childhood obesity-prevention program. Both women and men–whether fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers or male friends–are involved in this program. They play significant roles in improving the health of children and helping them avoid becoming overweight or obese. Read more here>>