The California Department of Public Health

The Immunization Branch of the CDPH is a valuable partner of Immunize LA Families.

The LA County Department of Public Health
The Immunization Program of the LACIP partners with Immunize LA Families to deliver immunizations to underserved populations in South Los Angeles.

California Immunization Coalition The CIC is a partnership of private and public entities in California that work to promote full immunization of Californians.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The CDC falls under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Its main purpose is to promote safety and public health among the American people. On its website, the CDC provides extensive immunization information.

REACH Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health is the CDC’s program to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities through community-based participatory approaches that address social determinants of health.

Immunize LA Families Coalition The IZLAF Coalition grew out of South Los Angeles Health Projects’s Immunize LA Families program, originally funded by the CDC. This now independent organization educates the public about immunization and promotes immunization to the residents of South Los Angeles.

Quality Improvement AFIX (Assessment of patient vaccination records, Feedback to the clinics, Incentive for the clinics to enact organizational change and eXchange of information) is a quality improvement strategy used in clinic settings to improve immunization rates.

Vaccines The CDC’s vaccines page contains a variety of information about vaccine-preventable diseases as well as the vaccines that are used to fight them.

American Academy of Pediatrics The AAP provides members resources, policy updates and additional information through its Childhood Immunization Support Program and recommends the immunization schedule.

Every Child by Two ECBT provides parents, advocates and healthcare providers a variety of resources to protect children from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Immunization Action Coalition The IAC works to increase immunization rates and prevent disease by creating and distributing educational materials for health professionals and the public and by facilitating communication about immunization with patients, parents, health care organizations and government health agencies.