When women can count on nutritious food for themselves, their infants and children, they have the peace of mind to concentrate on other aspects of their family’s health.

The Basis of Health Many South Los Angeles residents can not afford to purchase enough nutritious food for themselves and their families. But those enrolled in WIC can receive valuable checks for food–such as milk, eggs, cereal, fruits and vegetables–to supplement what they are already able to spend on food.

Making Foods Available At our WIC centers we provide food checks—not the food itself—to anyone who is enrolled in our program: pregnant women, women who have given birth within the past six months, women who are breastfeeding, infants and children until their fifth birthday. These checks are issued at each scheduled visit.

What Is a Food Check? WIC food checks are not Food Stamps. Our checks list the exact foods that can be purchased, rather than a dollar amount. If a family includes a breastfeeding mother, an infant and a three-year-old, for example, each is considered a participant and each receives his or her own individualized food check.

Checks are made payable only to vendors authorized by the state. These food checks must be used within the month.
See a sample check here>>.

Which Foods? Upon enrollment, one of our nutrition educators assesses the dietary needs of each participant. This includes learning about any medical conditions–such as allergies or lactose intolerance—that affect which foods are selected. The nutrition educator and parent discuss food options and together determine which combination of foods will be listed on each check, according to carefully developed WIC guidelines. Learn about WIC authorized foods here>>

In special cases, especially if the participants have a high-risk condition, they or their parents are seen by one of our degreed nutritionists or dietitians for further assessment and follow-up.