Consequences Many South Los Angeles residents face multiple challenges. When adults and children are healthy, they are better able to address their issues.

In our communities, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, commonly known as WIC, plays an important role in improving nutrition and health.

Your Coverage of WIC When you decide to cover WIC as part of a health story, we can share information and guide you through the intricacies of our multi-faceted program.

For the Record When we work with you on health stories, our main goal—not our only goal–will be that pregnant women, mothers and other guardians of infants and children who are not already WIC participants will visit one of our WIC centers and apply to receive WIC food checks and free nutrition and health education, counseling and support. Those who are eligible will reap important health and economic benefits.

WIC? What Is WIC? Some people have no idea that WIC exists; if they do, they might have little understanding of the services and food checks we provide. Your coverage creates greater awareness and understanding. Read more about WIC here>>

Importance of WIC to the Community Our service area is home to more than one million people with limited income and often nutrition and health challenges. Many of these people depend on the food checks they receive from us. Many breastfeeding mothers depend on us for education and support. Many WIC participants and WIC parents depend on us for important information to lead healthier lives. Read about our breastfeeding services here>>

Promoting Healthy Choices South LA Health Projects manages 11 WIC centers. There, with our guidance, people learn how they can help themselves and their families become healthier. With our encouragement, they learn to make healthy choices. With our support, they become empowered to breastfeed or feel more secure in their parenting or choose to become immunized by their medical provider. Read about our immunization promotion here>>

Addressing Misperceptions Some people assume that our sole activity is handing out food checks. While these checks are important, they constitute only a piece of our nutrition and health promotion efforts, which include nutrition counseling, breastfeeding education and support, immunization education and promotion, classes on a wide variety of health topics and referrals to community resources.

Common Misunderstanding Yes, we provide food checks to our participants. But what are they? Many people think these checks are just like Food Stamps (Cal-Fresh). But they are not. While Food Stamps allow the bearer to purchase any type of food, WIC food checks specify only nutritious foods selected from the WIC Authorized Food List and targeted to the needs of each participant. This list of approved foods was created by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (FDA).

Our Website Much of this website is devoted to WIC–in particular the WIC section, the breastfeeding section and the section labeled “Providers,” which gives medical providers extensive information about WIC.

Thank You We appreciate your interest in South LA Health Projects and our WIC program. We will do our best to provide you the sources and information you need.

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