The following staff members are available to answer questions about our services.

Confidential Please do not share this list with your patients.They can receive information most readily by phoning our WIC information number: (310) 661-3080.

WIC Community Outreach and Provider Relations
Irene Heath
Outreach & Provider Relations
(323)757-7244 ext. 5946

Maria Padilla-Castro, BS
Chief, Outreach and Provider Relations
(323) 905-1252

Nutrition/Breastfeeding Services
Arcelia Jaramillo, BS, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Services Coordinator
(323) 757-7244 ext. 5972

Special Nutrition Services/Therapeutic Formula
Nancy Damiani, MPH, RD, CLE
Special Nutrition Services Coordinator
(323) 757-7244 ext. 5937

Immunization Promotion at WIC
Lizz Romo, BS, RD
Sr. Project Coordinator
(323) 757-7244 ext.5973

Healthy Families America Program
Julie Dachs-De La Hoya
Project Coordinator
(323) 757-7244 ext. 5936

Community Health Services
Diane Gaspard, MA, RD
Chief, Community Health Services
(323) 757-7244 ext. 5944