Your health coverage can help countless South LA residents.

Did You Know…
• that more than 2/3 of all infants born in Los Angeles County are served by WIC?
• that breastfeeding can help prevent obesity?
• that infants and children not breastfed are more likely to become ill?
• that immunization can prevent serious illness requiring extensive, expensive medical intervention?

Did You Realize…
• that in the face of fewer community health and nutrition services, residents can still rely on WIC services?
• that as people struggle to feed their families, WIC food checks make a difference?
• that when a woman learns about properly spacing her pregnancies, she is more likely to deliver a healthy baby?

Your Objective: News, News and More News
We realize that what you seek is news. We understand that your objective is not to promote our organization but to provide your audience with timely information. Therefore when we contact you, we will share news and information.

Addressing Health Disparities In the broadest sense, we at South LA Health Projects address health disparities. Your stories can serve this purpose too, since accurate information is vital to the general public, voters and policymakers. Read about our mission here>>

Explaining Complexities Poverty, toxic environments and inadequate community infrastructure are complex phenomena. Each contributes to poor health. You can assist your audience to better grasp the complexities of these problems as well as efforts to address them. And we can show you where our agency fits in.

Topics That Never Disappear Obesity, the safety net, shrinking community resources, impoverished Los Angeles residents, unmet needs. Understandably reporters revisit these important topics.

Expertise We help you shed light on complex topics:
• breastfeeding
• nutrition
• childhood obesity
• child development
• health disparities
• healthy births
• immunization

Specialists We recommend not only our own specialists but also sources beyond our walls.

Studies, Statistics, Et Cetera You often face serious time constraints. To save you time and help with your research, we offer to share studies, statistics and other credible information culled from a variety of sources.

Human Interest Element When you seek personal stories to illustrate your points, we can identify individuals who meet your needs.

Our Website Learn about our programs, gain extensive information about select health topics and find a wealth of health and community resources.

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