Choose Health LA Kids was created to prevent and reduce childhood obesity.

Public health program South LA Health Projects is one of 20 agencies throughout Los Angeles County selected in 2014 to implement Choose Health LA Kids. This program was designed and implemented by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and funded by First 5 LA.

Funding for Choose Health LA Kids was no longer available as of December 2016; program activities ended.

Parents and caregivers of newborns, infants and children to age 5—the adults who have the greatest impact upon infants and children—were our target audience. We concentrated our efforts in parts of South Los Angeles and Compton.

Healthy eating, active living Choose Health LA Kids addressed childhood obesity through parent group meetings, parent education classes, grocery store tours, food demonstrations, and a program encouraging restaurants to add healthy meals to their children’s menus.

Parent collaborative We offered parents of young children the opportunity to be actively involved in their community through participating in monthly Parent Group meetings. Participating was a means for parents to strengthen their families, make valuable changes in their communities and become civically engaged role models for their children.

Parent Group members were recruited from local community-based organizations, parent resource centers, faith-based organizations, foster care providers and health care and oral health providers.

PhotoVoice More than 100 community members attended a PhotoVoice exhibit showcasing photos taken by parent-photographers, members of the Parent Collaborative. These photos document the marketing of unhealthy foods to children. The goal was to encourage community members to support healthier nutrition choices within their communities and support policies for creating a healthier community.

Parent education classes Parents who took our Choose Health LA Kids classes attended weekly sessions introducing valuable parenting skills and techniques for encouraging their children to eat healthier meals and to be more active.

Grocery store tours During tours of grocery stores, community members learned how to include more fruits and vegetables in family meals, the top five nutrition tips for newborns and children to 5 years old, and how to read food labels to know which foods are healthiest.

Food demonstrations During cooking demonstrations, families learned ways to prepare simple, healthy and delicious meals.

Collaborating with WIC South LA Health Projects, whose Women, Infants and Children program dates back to 1975, has extensive experience in meeting nutrition and health needs of infants and young children and in educating and supporting their families. Many of our WIC families and WIC staff were involved in Choose Health LA Kids activities. Choose Health LA Kids collaborated with WIC to integrate Choose Health LA Kids program services with WIC activities.

Voluntary restaurant recognition program Families need restaurants that provide healthy options. In coordination with the county, we reached out to local restaurants, encouraging them to provide healthy kids meals on the children’s menus. The restaurants that agreed to participate were recognized publicly.

Referrals to community resources We provided Choose Health LA Kids participants referrals to WIC and CalFresh programs in South Los Angeles. Referrals were also made to private prenatal and pediatric providers, faith-based organizations, Head Start sites, community based organizations such as El Nido, resource and referral agencies such as Crystal Stairs, parent resource centers, foster care providers and oral health providers. In addition, we disseminated information about health and community resources at Best Start Community meetings.

Resources for families with children Choose Health LA Kids created guides to social services and health, nutrition, physical activity and prenatal/postpartum resources for families with children.

In English
Resources Guide for South Los Angeles
Resources Guide for Compton
Resources Guide for Watts

In Spanish
Resources Guide for South Los Angeles
Resources Guide for Compton
Resources Guide for Watts

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